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What the Tech?! Photography This vs That

Copyright vs Release

Okay, the quick answer: With Sweet Little Notions you can do your own printing, create your own album, and you can post on social (tagging @SweetLittleNotions of course!)

The long answer for those who want the sweet little details: We retain the copywright of the pictures, meaning we own them because we actually took them. It’s industry standard since photographers took the time to learn and develop our craft, pose people, and design each shot, so photographers tend to want the credit for our work. It helps us advertise our work so others can view it. (I mean, imagine a photography website with no photographs.) Clients receive a release though, so you can share, print, post, etc with your photos!

Digital Downloads vs Prints

Do you get digital downloads? Yaaaaas. It’s the digital age, how can we not give you high resolution photos? You can order prints through us or someone else (that's what the Release is for.) We got you covered!

Canon vs Nikon We use professional equipment and THAT’S what matters!

For the techheads- Nikon all day! We love how Nikon makes the colors look and skin tones look natural. We also love the ease of use for changing the camera settings, which means we can quickly adapt to the fast-paced day to make sure we don’t miss a moment! We’re not camera snobs though :)

Digital vs Film

Neither is right or wrong, and our style is digital. Basically, if you’ve seen our work and you like it, then great!


We shoot RAW. This allows you to blow photographs up for large prints, or on canvas! Basically, it’s better. JPG is great for sharing on social media. RAW just gives you more options. And more options has to be better, right?!

Bonus Questions: Q: What happens if something goes wrong with your camera?! Q: What if you run out of batteries? Q: What if your pictures get corrupted and don’t save?! Q: What if something happens to YOU?!

OMG, breathe! Fair questions!

A: We have a back up camera.

A: We have fully charged batteries on deck.

A: Have yah met Stephanie? Every package has a 2nd photographer, (here's why) so we are doubly backed up!

A: Aw, thanks for caring about me, tear! We’ve got it covered. Someone from my trusted network of photographers will jump into place. They all have awesome personalities and the skills! (It is written in your contract that a "understudy" will be provided at no cost of course!)

Stay Sweet!

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