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Why We Always have a 2nd Photographer

1. Coordination

Having a 2nd helps us gather everyone and your mom (literally!) for wedding photos. We don’t want to miss anyone! Each bride completes a questionnaire with everyone she wants photos with, so having a 2nd person make sure we check everyone off of your list just makes life easier! Getting everyone together is a science that we've got DOWN!

2. More Photos

No need to elaborate on this one. More photographer = more pictures!

3. Different Viewpoints

We used to offer 1 photography packages and we stopped. We felt like YOU were getting robbed. We’d get an awesome shot of the bride walking down the aisle, but miss the fact the groom shed a tear. We’d rush through Getting Ready portraits because we’d need to split time between the Bride and Groom. Now, we have photographer with the bride and another with the groom so we are less rushed and the couple is relaxed and not worried about getting photos. We know having just 1 photographer is a “thing” but we just felt like we couldn’t do that anymore.

Choose any of our photography packages and get a complimentary 2nd photographer (and engagement session)!

Stay Sweet!

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