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Northern Virginia
Small Wedding Photographers

Elopements and Micro Wedding Photography

small wedding photography elopement in virginia sweet little notions

What's the Difference between
Small Wedding Photography,
Micro Wedding Photography, and
Elopement Wedding Photography?

Bride with wedding bouquet looking in mi

What's the difference between Small, Micro, Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photography?:
Photographers will likely have different answers to this question. For Sweet Little Notions, they are the same! These weddings tend to have:

  • 50 guests or fewer

  • Shorter ceremony
    (less than 30 minutes)

  • Smaller or no wedding party

  • Fewer traditional wedding day events

Do I need a Small Wedding Photography Package or a Traditional Wedding Photography Package?:
If you have more than 50 guests or if you have all the "traditional" events of a wedding that you want to be photographed, you likely need a traditional wedding photography package for 5 or more hours of coverage.


We love photographing small weddings, here's why!

We've done our share of small weddings, then when COVID-19 happened, we did even more! We know this is a stressful time, but trust us, we absolutely love small weddings, here's why!

Small weddings are more emotional. Since the guest count is smaller, people feel freer to express their emotions! The intimate setting means more than likely, your guests know each other or will get to know each other really quickly. As a photographer, it's much easier for me to connect with everyone and get lots of great photos!

Guests are more engaged in every activity. No one is sitting at their table keeping to themselves, everyone is fully participating in every part of your special day! Small doesn't mean boring! The activities you have planned- whether it's a rooftop brunch, small dinner, or playing cornhole, means everyone is participating and interacting with one another, and that's what you want on your special day!

Small Wedding Photography

All-Inclusive Package Features:

Groom dips Bride for a kiss in Virginia wedding

Hand-Edited Images

I take my time obsessing over all of your photos by taking out all the blinks and "I wasn't ready!" photos. Then I hand edit each photo to perfection and give you all the images.

Online Wedding Photography Gallery

All your photos will be available in an online gallery that you may share with friends and family if you wish. You can conveniently place orders from your gallery for prints or canvas artwork if you like, or have the print release if you want to print them elsewhere!

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We love Virginia weddings and will travel throughout Northern Virginia for small weddings!


Wedding Album

A shareable link to display your wedding album. Carefully curated photos from your wedding, professionally designed to share with your friends and family.



Wedding Albums

You can turn your digital wedding album into a physical one too! We have a variety of sizes and options to choose from:

  • 4" x 4," 10" x10," or 12" x 12"

  • Leather or Linen Cover

  • Cameo Photo in Cover

  • Engraved Names on Album Cover

  • Wooden or Linen Box

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Small Wedding Photography Info

2-Hour Wedding Photography Packages starting at $600

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