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The Why Behind the Brand

True story—one sweet decision to snap a photo on my iPhone completely changed my career goals and aspirations.

I was attending a wedding to manage my photo booth (read more about this here) when the most interesting thing happened to me. After the ceremony, I was walking to the ballroom when I noticed the wedding photographers capturing the groomsmen casually walking. From where I was standing, I saw a unique angle of a photo that I thought would be picturesque. So—me being me—I ran over the balcony to take aerial shots to capture the vision I had in my mind.

After snapping the iPhone pic and sending it to the bride, I didn’t think much of it. Apparently, she did, however! She was over the moon with the angle, composition and overall image creativity. She even asked if I took any more photos and wanted me to send them to her immediately, so I did:

If I’m being honest, deep down I always wanted to be a wedding photographer but never felt the courage to take the leap and go for it… until that very moment when I witnessed the impact my photos had on this sweet bride! 

So, that’s exactly what I did and Sweet Little Notions was born! I made the investment to purchase a quality camera and the rest is history. I’ve been making brides feel like supermodels on their wedding day ever since! I guess that’s why they say everything happens for a reason, amiright?

Thank you all for being a part of this sweet journey with me! No worries, I shoot with Nikon now, not an iPhone :P

Stay Sweet!


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