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3 Crazy Simple Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos!

1. Hire a Planner (at least a Day of Coordinator)

Are you an actor? Are you insanely good at improv and faking people out? Because unless you are, if you are feeling stressed about the details- you will LOOK stressed about the details. Let your planner stress. Don’t field questions about centerpieces during your Getting Ready portraits, let your planner (or day-of coordinator) worry about it.

Less stressed = natural & relaxed photos

2. Connect with your Photographer

So this probably sounds like it’s coming from left field, and I promise I’m not some creeper- but I’ll seriously spend more time with you than anyone else on your wedding day. We gotta get along sis!

3. Be in the Moment

Sometimes I remind brides that they’re getting married, and their whole face lights up! It seems simple, but we are NOT about that RBF on your wedding day!

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