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Wedding Photography in the Rain!

I was lucky enough to get married on a warm, sunny day. Perfect lighting and not too cloudy. Given that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, I'm not sure what sunny weather means! Sometimes couples check the weather and panic- what do we do if it RAINS?! So here's a few tips!

1. Don't Panic- don't even check the weather report! There's nothing we can do to change the weather. (Isn't that weird?! We can put a man on the moon but no one messes with Mother Nature!) So don't psyche yourself out! When it comes to photography it's all about be creative in the moment, lighting changes even with perfect weather, so rain isn't really going to bother us anyway! ;) 2. Accessorize!

Get some cute umbrellas to take photos with! You'll stay dry and fashionable! 3. Prioritize and Step Lively! Weather can be unpredictable and start or stop raining at any moment. I work with my brides to know the shots they HAVE to have to make sure we get those in whenever we can. And it's definitely a team effort to get everyone in position. As a photojournalistic photographer- I secretly love the candid moments that occur! I keep snapping regardless. You may not choose to have these photos in your wedding album, but these fun shots getting into position may be Instagram worthy! 4. Just keep smiling!

It's YOUR day, have fun and remember you're getting married! For all these fun photos you're getting, I'd love to be snapping photos of you smiling. No reason to be bummed when you're married the love of your life!

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