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First Kiss Bliss: Capturing the Drama!

1. Guests, Unplugged

OMIGOSH, can we talk about it?! We love that your family and friends want to celebrate and capture moments on your big day… But can we agree there’s a time and place for it? During the ceremony allow your photographers to capture the moment… and not Uncle Dennis’ iPhone 11 blocking your big moment!

Also, let your guests know if you are okay or not okay with them sharing photos before your photographer shares! They may/may not get the best angle and you might want only the best photos out to the world. It’s your prerogative either way, just know you can ask your guests to share/not share on social media if that’s what YOU want!

2. Steal the show and ask your officiant to gracefully take a step aside

As much as I love the shots with your pastor smiling lovingly as ya’al take your first kiss, I’m not sure you want him blown up on that huge canvas above your mantle. We will get photos of you and your officiant after, but let that first kiss be about you sis!

3. Practice

Whatever your kiss style, a dramatic dip, a subtle, touching kiss, or somewhere in between, practice it! Before you jump all over me for saying I want it to be candid! Remember that candid moments that look candid are not always candid. We want that moment to live forever, and no one is going to know or care that you practiced a little. Your S.O. will surely enjoy the practice :D

4. Lengthy Lip Lock

This goes for pretty much anytime you kiss during the day. Kisses go so quick and we just want to make sure we capture the moment! Just hold it a bit longer, like a second or two, just to make sure!

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