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Milos and Emily's Engagement Session at Spanish Steps in Washington DC

Ya'al, I don't know where to start with Emily and Milos! Sweet, hilarious, adorable, fun, they are just #allthethings!

They were relaxed and just had fun- the number one tip I tell all my brides, and trust me, they didn't need the advice! Milos was such a character (note the funny faces below) while Emily dazzled with her dimples. I'm mean, seriously, with two great personalities I can see why they're a couple!

I was so happy they chose the Spanish Steps in Washington DC for their engagement session. It has lovely architecture and a beautiful garden that made it the perfect location. It's tucked away, yet easy to get to and absolutely stunning!

Leave it to me to worry about permits while Emily and Milos said, we didn't have one for our ceremony, we don't need one now! People can walk around and we'll make it work- it's about the fun! The customer is always right, amiright?! And they were!

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