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AnnaRose and Jeremy's Wedding at Circle D Farm

Ya'al, where to do I start with AnnaRose and Jeremy?! By far the most hilarious couple I've met! There was never a dull moment and I can see why their friends and family are so close. Check out the antics below, and OMG, best wedding theme ever! I'm so glad they followed my advice on why to have a First Look... but of course, they wouldn't be AnnaRose and Jeremy if they didn't put their own take on it...

First, the Bride and Groom got ready, loving the effervescent lace on her dress!

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Then, ya'al, look at this touching First Look. That moment where they first held hands had everyone in tears...

There was even laughter at the ceremony, what a great way to start off as husband and wife! Seriously, if ya'al don't laugh together like this, is it even real?

First their sour, then they're sweet!

Oh wait, that's candy...

But wait, there's more! A Harry Potter themed wedding!!!

View all the Sneak Peek photos here! And to AnnaRose and Jeremy, I wish you "always."

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