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8 Things you (Probably) Didn't Know about Me

1. I’ve been called “ridiculous” and “extra” and I’m here for it! Not at first though, I have to let you think I’m normal. Then once we know each other the bad puns and embarrassing stories will surface. This is why I love those candid, laughing, natural photos- you live life so let your photos live!

2. I LOVE cats. I had two as a child. (Bless my parents who finally gave in to my begging.) And as an adult I have 3! (Bless my hubby who finally gave into my begging!) Wiles, Boss and Milo. This guy is Milo. There’s a pic of all three on my about page.

3. I LOVE bold nail polish colors. I have a corporate background so it has been suits and uniformity most of the time. So, I always found a way to rebel when it came to my nails.

4. Bones, CSI (Vegas only, Miami who?), Criminal Minds, Fringe, Dexter, Breaking Bad … any forensic science/criminal justice show.

5. My entire family is Jamaican and I’m first generation American. Every now and then the patois will slip out if I’m really excited- but I’m just your normal Ja-merican who loves burgers and patti.

6. I love Thanksgiving- because food. It’s particularly awesome because of #5. Turkey and jerk chicken? Yaas!

7. I play Magic the Gathering. (Non geeks jump to #8.) This card game has a few different play styles that allow you to buy your own individual cards and build a customized deck that you play against others. It’s unlike “normal” card games where everyone plays with the same 52 cards.

8. This is my favorite number since my birthday is the 24th day of the 8th month. And 2 x 4 = 8. Stay Sweet! Taja

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