W2edding Photography3


E2ngagement Session3

Engagement sessions are a fun way for us to get to know each other. You'll get a sense of my shooting style and I'll get to know what poses work for you both. I love candid shots and want us to interact as authentically as possible.


P2hotos & Editing3

Q2uality & Quantity

On average you’ll receive 60-90 images per hour of shooting. I do snap more than that, however, I remove outtakes like blinks, test shots, duplicates, etc, for your convenience. All the images are edited for color, exposure, sharpness and white balance.

S2neak Peek

My favorite 50 photos within 1 week and all photos within 6 weeks. We like to provide a few photos right away so you can enjoy the images while the moments are still fresh in your mind.

O2nline Gallery

The beauty of an online gallery is we can send you the photos quickly and easily. You can also easily share your photos with family and friends and access your photos anywhere! Visiting grandma? Just go to your link on your phone or laptop and voila! All your photos. If you also rent a photo booth with us, you'll also have a link for your photo booth pictures!

H2ard Drive

As with any investment, diversification is the rule number one. Have your photos online and a hard drive so you always have all your pictures.

S2econd Photographer

You'll love all my second photographers! I would work with them to have the same quality of work that you expect and the type of friendliness and professionalism you’d want around with you the day of!


We offer high-quality leatherbound albums in a variety of sizes.

N2itty Gritty3


We have insurance and are happy to provide your venue proof of insurance.


We try out best to blend in, mostly black and darker clothes like dress pants and a blouse or a dress are with cute but comfy shoes.



We offer a variety of packages and options to meet your needs. Contact us for pricing!

P2ayment Options

To make sure that you’ve booked us for your date we require a 30% retainer and electronically sign the wedding contract. The balance is due when the rest of your wedding vendor balances are due 14 days before the wedding. We are flexible with breaking up payments along the way.